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The's Revenge Stories

Read hilarious tales of revenge sent to us by real people.  New stories are posted regularly, so remember to check back frequently.  Enjoy! 

If you have a revenge story that you would like posted, please email it to us at  We will not post profanity, so keep it clean!

The newest stories are on top!!

Walkin' the Dog
Hook the collar on tight, because you're going for a ride!

Crystal Lake
This camp counselor gets terrorized!

Skunkz on Da' Hood
A touching story about a skunk growing up in the ghetto. Not really, but it does involve a skunk and a hood!

Re-laxative Already
A cheating Hubby gets caught!

Tales from the Crypt
Well, actually from the library, but the revenge is very evil

Port au Potty
A great revenge tip on some "crappy" revenge. An oxymoron? Read on.

Tips O' Plenty
Take you pick from these quality revenge tips!

A new twist on some old school revenge!

Dorm Revenge
Don't mess with the Underclassmen, unless you are ready to suffer the consequences!

A Stiff Jab
A skinny boxer with a stiff jab get some stiff revenge!

Did you know some of our readers can cast spells? Check this out

Your mother always told you to watch where you put those hands!

Stuck on You
Prom night turns into a sticky situation!

Extreme Visine
Read for a good story and an important FYI

Young and Restless
Possibly the youngest submission takes you back.

Dude, Where's my Car?
Hey Bud-dy, looks like someone lost something.

Mince Pies
Hey, take your hands off of my pie!

Shock Jock
This DJ does some pretty shocking stuff with a toothbrush

The Preacher's Wife
Praise the Lord that this guy is not a Minister.

I've Been Shot
Telemarkets must hate

John John the Idiot
The "player" get turned into a sobbing mess!

Make some Noise
Ivy League revenge is sophisticated and effective!

Women Scorned
Even running to Florida couldn't help this guy.

Cat Burgler
Someone's been stealing. What do worms have to do with this? Read on.

Mommy's little Deadbeat
The bum son always causes trouble, time to pay!

Da Man Returns
Another must read for revenge tips

Orally Speaking
She's got skills. I mean, she needs skills!

Social Engineering
Some high tech revenge that seriously gives some payback!

The Cheater
Fellas, when are you gonna learn?

Easily Satisfied
She is, just read it and agree.

Mess with my Kid and I'll Mess with You
These parents don't play games.

Dollies, flowers, and other annoying things
This is one roommate who deserved revenge

Screw you Guys, I'm Going Home
Kids do the darndest things!

Looking for a Good Time?
Short but spiteful, so it's OK in my book!

This one has so much good info you have to read it. There's a good story too!

Be weary when you next receive chocolates from a "friend."

Looking for Ms. Right-- Wrong!
Another dumb-as-rocks ex-boyfriend sets himself up for disaster

Mormon Revenge
Do you have the mark of the beast? Not yet!

Call Him Squeaky
A "sack" meets its match. Stretch thoroughly before you read this one. None of us are limber enough.

Yard Job
This has nothing to do with a car, but it does have some serious "yard action".

Something Smells Fishy
And no, it's not your upper lip-- If you smell what I'm cookin'!

Al Capone would be Proud
Wash down some moonshine with this story from the. . . 1930's??

Another Phone Trick
Bosses have it rough here at

Out of Business
That's exactly what this restaurant owner probably is after receiving a "cold dish" of revenge.

This ex-husband should be on America's Dumbest Losers.

Directions for 3 Merciless Pranks
Chains, grubworms, and pregnancies. Oh my!

Did Somebody Call a Pager?
This was the wrong employee to falsely accuse. Guess what? He tells you how you can do this amazing revenge too, but be careful!

The People in the Ceiling
Want to learn how to drive someone insane? A great story, read on!

Another Missionary
What is a chord? What does sap have to do with the story? How do Crusaders fit in with all of this? Read and find out

Formal Revenge
Sometimes people do get caught in the crossfire, but hey, this time it was justifiable.

The Ex-Bestfriend
Friends that stay "rent free" end up paying for their housing one way or another.

The Best Friend that Sleeps with Your Man
You'll never look at chocolate cake the same again. There's a good mothball tip in here too.

She Did a Bad, Bad Thing
A "bad influence" might ruin a friendship, but it makes for a great story.

Don't ask for the Manager
"On hold" get a new meaning. Check it out.

Sibling Rivalry
If you know your enemy, you can hit em where it hurts.

The Radio and the Coil
Possibly the oldest story we've recieved. It's from the 1940's; Model-T's and all!

Revenge on the Telemarketer
I'm starting to feel bad for telemarketers. Y'all put them through some sh#t!

Machine Payback
A prank on a snob goes awry. Remember not all pranks go as planned.

Telephone Trick
Timing is everything with this one. A must read, and a must try.

RSVP to . . .
"Oh my god, she like totally ruined my cheerleading party. Like totally!"

Missionary Position
It's 7:00am on a Saturday. You're asleep, and suddenly there's a loud knocking at your door. What do you do?

Witness Protection
Dammit soldier! Where are you? It's 0500 hours!!!!!

High School Football Players
When band kids, science club member, and more unite-- watch out!

Don't Mess with the Best
A babysitter from hell learns the hard way, "don't start something you can't finish!"

Please Pass the Sugar
Did you know that putting sugar in a gas tank is illegal? This guy does, so guess how he got revenge instead? Read this!

Two Birds with One Stone
This is a short story about two boys named "Unlucky." Ha!

Serious Stuff
Read at your own discretion. This is not funny. It is actually sad. I only posed it because she wanted it posted. Trust me, you might want to skip this disturbing story.

Bad Boyfriend
Internet love might get "Hacked"

Samurai Boy
Focus Daniel Son, you are about to be humiliated! Wax on, wax off!

Name Calling
Our shortest story ever!

Bad Mouth Boyfriend
For breath that says, "I love you," read this story

Keep that Junk Mail Coming!
A short but sweet tip on handling unsolicited mail that is effective and entertaining.

With a title like this, how can you not read it?

Sweet Quadroplegic Revenge
Don't worry. . .it's not what you're thinking. It is funny though!

What goes around. . .
Remember, if you rub too many people to wrong way, it might come back to you.

Money can't buy Everything
All the money in the world could buy this girl out of her jam!

The Family Jewels, or the lack thereof
This guy chose to stand up his date. . . Now he might not be standing up right.

Baaaaaaad boss, stay away from chatrooms
Wow, this is wild. If anyone out there actually does this to your boss, make sure you have taken the proper precautions.

Mr. Bill Collector, This is for you.
A short but sweet method to get the long distance company off your back!

The Neighbor
What's all that noise from the neighbor? Smoke some weed and I'll tell you.

Be Careful Who You Play Truth or Dare With
Treat others as you whould wish to be treated. . . or else!!

Barflys and Tattoos
What do you get when you mix a cheating wife with the justice system-- find out here!

Something Smells Fishy
This high school senior prank is a hilarious tale that readers of this page, young and old, should study!

Vibrating Luxury Car
Another hilarious dildo story. Need I say more?

No Onions on my Nachos, Please
Don't you just hate it when your food gets messed up? What does a pregnant girl have to do with all of this? Find out. . .

Cows Need their Salt Blocks
A "cow" gets just what she needs!

Baby Powder for a Big Baby
Need a good use for those old record cases? Read this!

Tornado Warning
Did you ever have a problem with your college roommate? Here's one problem and one fun way to fix it.

Ready, Aim, Fire!
An ex-college pitcher with speed, accuracy and. . . Mudballs! What's the target? Read on. . .

Revenge can cost $
Sometimes things don't work out quite as planned.

Plastic just doesn't cut it in Winter
College pranks call for dorm room revenge.

Spring break or spring break-up?
He cheated while she was at a funeral. The revenge she gets would make anyone regret cheating.

Evil incarnate? You be the judge.
She won't have sex, but poses nude for a camera? I smell trouble.

Real "customer service."
Crazed store manager gives employees hell, so one gives some back.

Lock your doors, or else!
A dildo, some cream, and a computer make one hell of a story.

People under the bed.
Be careful all you cheaters out there, tatoos tell it all.

Mr. Good Stuff
Remember: What you put on video tape might come back to haunt you.


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