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Magnetic Bumper Signs

Slap one of our hilarious magnetic bumper "sticker" signs on someone's car and laugh your butt off as they drive down the road. These signs are printed on magnetic sheeting so they will not damage the vehicles finish, but we CANNOT guarantee what they do to the ego of the driver! Stick one on someone's car... They won't notice for days!

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Size: 8" x 2.75"

"I Love Porn"

"Proud To Be Gay"

"I Am Queer"

"I Am A Fat Pig"

"Adult Bookstores "

"I Love Shemales"

"Gay Porn Star"

"Erectile Dysfunction "

"I Love Barnyard Animals"


"I Masterbate"

"I Love Gay Porn"

"Honk For Gay Rights"

"I Love Cross Dressing"

"I Have Crabs"

"I Love Fat Chicks"

"I Love My Big Fake Boobs"

"I Love Golden Showers"

"Unregistered Sex Offender "

"Bitch On Board "

"I'm A Bitch"

"I Love Crack Whores"

"Hooker For Hire"

"I Love Group Sex"

"Will Strip For $"

"Paycuts For Cops"

"Deadbeat Dad "


"I Love Black Cock"

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