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Have you always wanted to tell someone something, but didn't know how to do it?  Well, this is the perfect site for you.  Read on. . . is your home for all of your revenge needs. So you never had a chance to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Your current spouse lied to you when he said that he would never cheat on you?
Well, you know the saying "Don't get mad, get even".

Get Revenge On People Who Have Done You Wrong!

We stand ready to help you get revenge and let these individuals know exactly what you think of them - your identity is never divulged. . . NEVER! People send beautiful flower arrangements to loved ones to let them know how special they are. Well, we have a great idea... how about sending DEAD flower arrangements to someone to let them know how unspecial they are. Read what one of our customers has to say about our service:

Testimonial: "Just wanted to thank you guys for providing such great service. I wish I could have seen my ex's face when he got that box of dead roses! You guys really made my day. I'm glad I got even with that jerk. More people need to know about this service, so I'm telling my girlfriends because I'm pretty sure they know some jerks too. Most guys are anyway."
--Jessica (

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Do You Know Someone With A Personal Hygeine Problem Such As BAD BREATH?

Problems such as bad breath and body odor are serious problems for a lot of people. Unfortunately, most people do not even know that they have these problems. When told, people have the tendency to correct these problems and change their lives for the better. Our job is to help you make someone's life better.

With our letter packages, you can politely inform someone of their problem anonymously. This letter comes with a gift to reinforce the message. For instance, we will send a letter informing this person of their bad breath and we will enclose some mouthwash and toothpaste for further reinforcement. Here's what one of our customers had to say about our service:

Testimonial: "This website is the best. I was able to let my friend know about his bad breath problem without compromising our relationship. His bad breath has also gone away which makes him an easier person to be around, but I'm just glad that this problem is no longer negatively affecting his life"
-- Larry (

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We understand that you may want to get your message across, but your situation does not fit circumstance stated above. So we have come up with letter packages that should quench your thirst to humiliate that person who just gets on your last nerve. Whether it is an annoying co-worker, a backstabbing friend, or that person with the horrible bad breath that never stops babbling away, we have you covered.

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If you like to play pranks and practical jokes on people you've come to the right place!

You can send dead flowers to people for their 40th or 50th birthday. People seem to thinks it is pretty funny. Hey, I actually sent some to my grandfather on his 73th birthday as a practical joke. Also , If you know someone with personal hygiene problems and they really are not your friend, we have some great anonymous emails for you too!

Check them out here!

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